The Company

Our history starts back in 1979, when the brothers Marino and Marco, joined by their shared passion for stone, founded a company in the borough of Zogno (Bergamo), which is currently operating in the precious marble processing sector.

The professional expertise and quality of Sonzogni Marmi is portrayed in their ability to create and furnish indoor and outdoor environments using natural materials such as marble, stone and granite. The starting point is to create an alchemy between design and nature that is based on the expertise applied to the decorating of prestigious, stylish spaces of undisputed elegance.

Sonzogni Marmi is recognised as an important enterprise in the stone and marble processing sector and covers all the environment restructuring phases:  from the research of materials to the design, customised production and installation of the products on-site.


Craftsmanship and innovation are the drivers behind our custom-made creations paying particular attention to details and materials. Our professional expertise and experience has made our company a key reference enterprise in the stone and marble processing sector But that’s not all:  we offer our customers the opportunity to choose unique antique items we have already restored ourselves.

Today we tell our story by inviting you to visit our extensive showroom where you will be submerged in evocative atmospheres, boasting unique pieces and precious marbles. We welcome all our visitors with a guided tour of our showroom that presents the perfect setting and ambience:  spaces in which the magic of the past intertwines with the style and elegance of modern times.


From our passion for natural marble, timeless, tangible and concrete, we develop creations and carry out projects that leave their mark in time.

Thanks to the help of state-of-the-art technologies and materials, we have combined the experience gained with regard to stones and marbles, to restructure high-profile works or design new works from scratch.

Dedication and study of the different processing techniques and natural materials are key aspects of our restoration activities, where we add congenial prestigious details to furnished spaces and environments.


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