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From design to installation, we process marble and stone from the concept phase of the project through to its maintenance and therefore its restoration over time.

Marbles and stones live in symbiosis with the environments in which they are installed:  this is why it is necessary to be an expert of such raw material, but also the intentions and demands of the customer.

Starting from the selection of high quality marbles, we recommend the best cutting solutions and finishes, illustrating the ideal processing options for each individual project.


With 40 years of experience in the industry, we provide customers and designers with all the information necessary to create an excellent project for the installation of marble and stone works.

We listen to the demands and analyse the characteristics of the environments to be decorated; we focus on achieving a certain harmony among the spaces, colours and the intended use of the marble (including floors, claddings, furnishing and decorative accessories) and recommend the most suitable material, size and workmanship that will maximise its beauty and functionality.

Each order is managed by a team of craftsmen and experts on marble and stone; furthermore, we avail ourselves of the experience of valid collaborators for the preparation of the actual project design.

The choice of material, shape and colour, taking into consideration the advantages for the environment in which the project will be installed, is followed by the drafting and presentation of a quotation that includes the supply and installation phases of the product. Once the quotation is approved, we proceed with the first operational phase consisting of an on-site measurement survey, which is vital when drafting the executive drawings and the cutting to size requirements.

Choosing the marble

Choosing the right marble is the key starting point and a necessary condition that allows us to provide a top quality service.

The choice of the material must consider all the typical details of the raw material with which we work every day:  there are an infinite number of shades of marble, onyx and stones that give rise to very different installation projects.

We personally visit the marble quarries and sawmills, especially in the Carrara area – the location par excellencerenowned for its marble – where the raw material comes from across the globe, and we choose the blocks that will be transformed into slabs. The selection of marbles and stones is a phase that demands expertise and excellent familiarity with the raw material. In fact, only the right marble gives the desired result.

Cutting the marble

The marble slab is cut according to the desired shape and size required by the project. Before proceeding it is vital to consider the characteristics of the material chosen and the demands of the final result; we then proceed to the cutting phase adopting one or more possibilities (open book, free length veins and so on) aimed at obtaining various designs which further enhance the beauty of the natural raw material.

During the cutting phase, it is good standard practice to bear in mind that there are a number of techniques that can be used:  for example with diamond-dressed discs and water jets. We pay attention to the individual aspects of the marble to be cut and perform all operations in complete safety.

Processing the marble

Craftsmanship and technology represent the starting blocks for every single processing operation that makes marble and stone the key protagonists of the installation project. For this reason, it is necessary to own excellent machinery, but also have excellent dexterity skills. Thanks to the latest generation technological equipment we are able to process marble in different ways using various techniques; however, what is needed is something no-one can compromise on: the final touch of the craftsman. Only fine dexterity skills make the finished product unique.

The piece output by the cutting machine is shaped by the hands of skilled craftsmen. This is the secret of our profession:  a mix of innovation, speed of execution, executive processing versatility and craftsmanship personality.

Marble finishings

The term finishing refers to what gives the laid marble the desired effect. Each finishing has its own story:  it is designed, processed using specific machinery and bestows totally unique visual and tactile sensations.

The level of experience and professional expertise that distinguish us enable us to recommend the most useful and suitable technique to achieve the final result, depending on the characteristics of the raw material to be processed. In fact, each finishing bestows different aesthetic and functional results.

Applying several types of processing can be applied to achieve the desired finishing: traditional types such as polishing, smoothing, brushing, flaming, sandblasting, bush-hammering and trimming; and other special types like jute, bark, rockfinish, wood, ribbed, tattoo, laser.

We can also apply waterproofing treatments that eliminate the typical porous effect of marble and stone.

Laying marble

The laying of cut to size stones and marble is performed by qualified personnel, supervised by the technical department which is ready to intervene whenever necessary. Laying marble is not simply a matter of technique: we start from the assembly of the slabs and proceed with the actual installation process without faltering, certain of the objective we wish to achieve and to guarantee an excellent final result. We assess the most suitable laying process according to the customer’s needs and the characteristics of the materials.

The installation process exploits state-of-the-art techniques and uses high performing systems and adhesives. We keep abreast of the evolution of all materials that are useful for the installation of marble, to ensure excellent quality over time.


We are a company that operates in full respect of the environment and we only use specific ecological adhesives and products for marble.

We give preference to suppliers who guarantee the use of hypoallergenic components and water-based products and minimise the use of chemical components, excluding toxic products altogether.

Respect for the environment and ecology is also reflected in our choice of quarries that deliver all the marble we process. We inquire about the mining locations and give preference to those that maintain correct cultivation of the quarry itself.

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