The added value of our company is the range of antique objects restored over years of experience and dedication.

We provide antiques for villas, interior and exterior renovation and restoration projects in the following materials:


nozzles and taps, arms, gates and balconies, safes and coffers, fireplace accessories, iron parts for doors, grates and barriers, lamps and much more.

Stones and marbles

fireplaces, columns and capitals, fountains and basins, sinks and fonts, shelves, portals, wells and vases, statues and masks, tables.

Terracotta and wood

furnishing elements, fireplaces, lamps, flooring, doors, beams and ceilings.

The restoration is performed both at our own laboratory and on site, which allows our restorers to envisage the context, the environment and the state of conservation of the villa and restore the objects in a manner that ensures their integration within the “overall project”.

Restoring means carefully treating every detail and enhancing the beauty of every aspect, reinstating the condition of pieces of art and antiques.

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