San Pellegrino Terme

For the San Pellegrino project we chose marbles and decorations that evoke the protagonist Liberty style. The staircase and the floor of the living area are made of Nembro Verdello marble and feature Yellow Reale inlays. The large ancient stone fireplace proudly stands out in the room.

For the first bathroom we chose Yellow Siena marble, combined with Afyon used for the construction of the one-piece bathtub and sink. In the second bathroom the floor is in Royal Blue, with Afyon tops and one-piece sink. Finally, for the third bathroom we preferred the Botticino Classic marble for the flooring and walls. The frames, the shower tray (featuring an anti-slip design) and the one-piece sink are all in Afyon marble. In the outdoor spaces we built light stone balustrades with Yellow Istria paving, applying two different processing techniques in addition to a most particular geometric cut: the end result is exceptionally elegant.

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