From stone to marble

What is stone and what makes it different from marble?

The term stone means the natural aggregation of minerals; in particular it is “an unpolishable construction rock” (a feature that clearly distinguishes it from marble).

Generally speaking, stone has a background colour on which a sort of pattern is created due to a variety of different coloured minerals.

Marble is a metamorphic calcium carbonate rock that witnesses a transformation process under the influence of temperature and pressure changes, until it takes on a granular and crystalline structure.

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It is a metamorphic rock whose name derives from the Greek term shining stone. Its colour depends on the presence of minerals in the form of granules or in layers inside the original sedimentary rock.

Open book

Open book is a particularly refined and luxurious processing that makes your environment classy and totally unique.


Semi-precious marbles are slabs decorated with gems set in an original fashion, which make the product a unique and unrepeatable piece, capable of bestowing unparalleled charm and customisation to any environment.


Onyxes are sedimentary rocks that have the unusual characteristic of being translucent with variegated veins of different thicknesses.


A stone of infinite beauty that has been used since ancient times for the construction of works and monuments that are today part of the Italian cultural heritage.

Stones and quartzite

Stones are ideal materials for the creation of cladding and flooring solutions. Given their resilience, stones are used for the laying and restoration of outdoor flooring, but also as cladding for indoor surfaces.


Granite is an intrusive igneous rock, that means a rock that has formed following the cooling of the magma. Its name comes from the Latin word “granum” (grain), with clear reference to its medium and coarser granular texture.

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