From marble to stone

Sonzogni Marmi operates in the marble, granite, stone and sandstone processing industry; it designs and implements solutions and applications for different types of customers, with maximum care and attention to detail.

Precious marbles

The professional expertise and quality of Sonzogni Marmi is portrayed in their ability to create and furnish indoor and outdoor environments using natural materials such as marble, stone and granite.

Sonzogni Marmi is recognised as an important enterprise in the stone and marble processing sector and covers all the environment restructuring phases:  from the research of materials to the design, customised production and installation of the products on-site.


Sonzogni Marmi has its own show room in Zogno dedicated to stone objects from all eras to furnish and enhance environments of all sizes with: fireplaces, portals, columns, capitals, fountains, wells, basins, terracotta floors, stone floors, statues, particular pieces.

The vast selection of objects allows you to choose the ideal solution when furnishing outdoor environments, and also indoors, for homes, offices, shops, hotels, restaurants etc.

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From design to installation and restructuring,
we process marble and stone from the concept phase of the project through to its maintenance.

Why choose us?

Our creations are custom-made paying particular attention to details and materials
Our professional expertise has made our company a key reference enterprise in the stone and marble processing sector
Our experience gained in 40 years of operations is combined with cutting-edge technologies and natural materials
Current trends
From our passion for natural marble we develop creations that leave their mark in time.
Types of marble

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If you are interested in our marbles or you are about to renovate your home, do not hesitate to contact us or send us a request for a quote. Our experts are at your complete disposal.

Via Tiolo - 24019 Zogno (Bergamo)
+39 0345 92269

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